2nd F&N IT Corner Benefits Montfort Youth Centre
Posted on 22 February 2012
F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd officially opened its second F&N IT Corner at the Montfort Youth Centre in Melaka in February 2012 following the success of the first centre at Montfort Boys Town in Shah Alam in 2010.

As part of the initiative, F&N’s contribution to Montfort Youth Centre, valued at over RM50,000, included 21 computers, one printer and one projector while immediately enrolling 49 boys in the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) accreditation program.

F&N, the leading soft drinks manufacturer in Malaysia, embarked on the F&N IT Corner initiative as an extension to its education efforts for underprivileged children.

Speaking at the opening, F&N Beverages’ Corporate Affairs Manager, Cariessa Goh said that since ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills has long become a standard criteria in most employers’ requirements nowadays, Malaysian youth would do well to develop their proficiency in the use of computers and its common applications.

“At F&N, we have always believed education and continuous self-improvement are fundamentals in the path to success. The F&N IT Corner aims to promote the importance of computer skills alongside education as a critical foundation in the lives of these children.”

“And once the boys obtain their ICDL accreditation, they will have an edge when they put themselves in the job market. While this augurs well for their future, it also the stepping stone in line with moving the nation’s human resource towards a highly skilled workforce,” she said.


The ICDL is internationally recognized as the ICT competency benchmark for end-users in computer skills and is the leading certification to be widely adopted by world governments, international organizations and corporations alike.

To date, 30 students from the Shah Alam centre have already obtained the ICDL accreditation. F&N hopes that in time, all the 84 boys - aged 16 to 19 years old - at the Montfort Youth Centre in Melaka will follow suit as computer skills is an extra subject to add on to the courses that they boys respectively take.

Montfort Youth Centre in Ayer Salak, Melaka was established in 2001. The centre is part of the larger Montfort Boys Town organization, established in 1959. The centre takes in underprivileged boys and prepares them to become part of the nation’s workforce and responsible citizens of the country through character formation and industrial skills training.

Brother Robin Devasagayam, the director of the centre said that the F&N IT Corner was a welcome contribution to the centre.

“On behalf of the students, I would like to thank F&N for their contribution as the computers will help these boys significantly in their studies and better their computer skills. The ICDL accreditation is a bonus – it would definitely complement their industrial training skills and enhance their jobs prospects.”

“The boys have already been making full use of the equipment provided to learn and gain valuable computer knowledge outside their workshop hours,” he said.

F&N’s community efforts focus mainly on educational programs for underprivileged children across Malaysia. These include Sudut Iqra’ F&N, designed to encourage reading amongst children, the setting up of F&N Sensory Integration Room in schools to cater to special needs students, and an annual schools recycling campaign in Shah Alam. To date, F&N has invested over RM200,000 to fund and manage these initiatives.

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