Champs Tunku Anum Snap Two-Match Losing Streak
Posted on 24 March 2013
KUALA LUMPUR (24 March 2013) – Defending champions SMK Tunku Anum of Kedah snapped a two-match losing streak when they bounced back to beat SMK Bukit Nenas of Terengganu 2-0 in a Super League match of the Minister of Education League Cup Under-14 that was played at the SMK Tunku Anum Mini Stadium yesterday.

After winning the Charity Shield on penalties at the start of the season this year, SMK Tunku Anum fell to a 1-0 loss to SMK Putera of Kelantan away in their second game of the season.

And last week at home in Alor Star, SMK Tunku Anum just could not find the last touch when they conceded a 1-0 loss to SMK Tabuan Jaya of Sarawak.

“It was tough in the last few matches as we were missing several players and while we can create the chances, the finishing was just down right disappointing,” said Basirul Abu Bakar, the head coach of SMK Tunku Anum.

“For me, I’m just glad that we managed to pick up the full points at home. We will be on a break for the next week, so we will be working on some things for our next match (against SMK Seksyen 11 of Selangor) the week after.”

Making sure that the northerners found the target yesterday against a stubborn side from Terengganu were Mohamad Yazman Mohd Sohimi in the 21st minute and then Muhammad Akhmal Izzam Suhardi in the 42nd minute.

Elsewhere, SMK Seksyen 11 fell to yet another defeat when they went down 3-1 to SMK Seri Titiwangsa of Kuala Lumpur. After taking the early lead in the second minute off Azrin Aduka Azahari, the Selangor side just fell apart.

Muhammad Syuiab Mohamad and Muhammad Syukri Mohamad nailed a goal apiece in the 26th and 36th minute respectively before an own goal from Selangor’s Mohd Faizi Sahar in the 38th minute gave SMK Seri Titiwangsa the full points.

In the Ministry of Education League Under-17, SMK Za’ba of Negeri Sembilan and SMK Gunung Rapat of Perak were the only two winners on the weekend as the rest of the pack battled to drawn matches.

SMK Za’ba beat SMK Seri Kota of Melaka 3-0 with Sheihkful Bahari Yaacob scoring a hat-trick with goals in the 23rd, 33rd and 44th minute.

On the other hand, SMK Gunung Rapat whitewashed SMK Seberang Temerloh of Pahang 4-0 off Muhammad Aiedil syafiq Aznan’s three goals in the 11th, 41st and 86th minute and Isamuddin Ismail’s 13th minute effort.

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SMK Seri Titiwangsa (KUALA LUMPUR) 3
SMK Seksyen 11 (SELANGOR) 1

SMK Tunku Anum (KEDAH) 2
SMK Butkit Nenas (TERENGGANU) 0

SMK Seri Kota (MELAKA) 2

SMK Gunung Rapat (PERAK) 0
SMK Seberang Temeroh (PAHANG) 0


Tengku Mahkota Ismail Sports School 1
Gambang Sports School (U15) 1

SMK Seri Titiwangsa (KUALA LUMPUR) 1
SMK Seksyen 11 (SELANGOR) 1

SMK Tunku Anum (KEDAH) 0
SMK Bukit Nenas (TERENGGANU) 0

GROUP B                            
SMK Seri Kota (MELAKA) 0

SMK Gunung Rapat (PERAK) 4
SMK Seberang Temerloh (PAHANG) 0

Gambang Sports School (U14) 1
Bukit Jalil Sports School (U14) 1

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