We Will Be a Lot Better - Balachandaran
Posted on 10 March 2013
SHAH ALAM (10 March 2013) – After picking up their first win in the Ministry of Education League this year S. Balachandaran, the head coach of Malaysia Sports School Gambang, said that his team will be a lot better in the coming matches.

The team had begun their season this year with a 1-0 loss to SMK Putera of Kelantan before winning their first point with a 0-0 draw against SMK Tabuan Jaya of Sarawak in their second tie.

SMK Sekyen 11 of Selangor (in all yellow kit) against Gambang Sports School (in all blue kit).
And yesterday at the SMK USJ23 Mini Stadium, the bunch of 15-year-olds playing in an Under-17 competition, saw off SMK Seksyen 11 of Selangor 2-0 with goals from Muhammad Syazwan Salihin in the 28th minute and Muhammad Shahir Syazwan Rusdi in the 49th minute.

“We are still developing these players,” said Balachandaran. “At the moment, we are working on certain individual aspects before moulding them as a unit. But we will get better in the coming matches.”

“We were without several players in this game so we had to move players around. Abang Nurafirman (Abang Norazman) who usually plays as a striker had to play as a stopper instead. But he did a good job.”

For SMK Seksyen 11, the loss to Gambang Sports School was their third in a row following identical 1-2 defeats to SMK Tabuan Jaya of Sarawak and SMK Bukit Nenas of Terengganu previously.

Head coach Isnizam Mahamud said after the match that the team is not under tremendous pressure at the moment to perform considering the long injury list.

“The management understands the situation that the team is under. We cannot be competitive for the simple reason that we do not have the players,” added Isnizam.

“There are just too many injured players and we need to rectify that situation first.”

Elsewhere, defending champions SMK Tunku Anum of Kedah continued their fine run with a 2-1 win on the road against SMK Putera of Kelantan.

The score at the half was 1-1 with Faiz Hanif Adnan’s eighth minute lead for the visitors being cancelled out by Kelantan’s Muhamad Danial Asyraf Abdullah in the 52nd minute.

But Muhammad Saiful Amiri Ismail turned hero for the team when he struck the winning goal in the  68th minute.

In the meantime in the Minister of Education League Cup Under-14 competition, defending champions SMK Tunku Anum of Kedah fell to a 1-0 loss to SMK Putera of Kelantan with the only goal of the game coming in the 26th minute off Wan Mohd Zuharil Wan Husin.

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SMK Seksyen 11 (SELANGOR) 0
Gambang Sports School (U15) 2
SMK Tunku Anum (KEDAH) 2
SMK Butkit Nenas (TERENGGANU) 2
Tengku Mahkota Ismail Sports School 0
SMK Tabuan Jaya (SARAWAK) 0
SMK Seri Titiwangsa (KUALA LUMPUR) 0
SMK Seberang Temerloh (PAHANG) 3
Gambang Sports School (U14) 1
SMK Syed Hassan (PERLIS) 1
SMK Gunung Rapat (PERAK) 0
Bukit Jalil Sports School (U14) 0
SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin (SABAH) 1
SMK Seri Kota (MELAKA) 4



SMK Tunku Anum (KEDAH) 0
SMK Butkit Nenas (TERENGGANU) 2
Tengku Mahkota Ismail Sports School 0
SMK Tabuan Jaya (SARAWAK) 1
SMK Seri Titiwangsa (KUALA LUMPUR) 0
PREMIER LEAGUE                           
SMK Seberang Temerloh (PAHANG) 1
Gambang Sports School (U13) 3
SMK Syed Hassan (PERLIS) 2
SMK Gunung Rapat (PERAK) 2
SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin (SABAH) 0
SMK Seri Kota (MELAKA) 3
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