A Winning Edge With 100PLUS
Posted on 01 November 2012
New 100PLUS EDGE a hit amongst sports enthusiasts

The one isotonic beverage that has continued to refresh, rehydrate and reenergise Malaysians for over 30 years is undoubtedly 100PLUS. 

Now, with 100PLUS EDGE, athletes and sports enthusiasts alike can look forward to a new formula for quick rehydration and B Vitamins that aid in quick energy release.

A brand new offering from 100PLUS, 100PLUS EDGE is a non-carbonated refreshing drink that provides you the extra energy you need to achieve peak performance in your daily sporting activities.

100PLUS EDGE is specially formulated to supply the ideal ratio of fluid glucose and minerals for your body while helping replace essential electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and chlorides in your body, without the carbonated or ‘gassy’ effect.

It is also enriched with B Vitamins (B3, B6, B12) that aid in the production of energy. B Vitamins essentially help your body convert carbohydrates from foods into glucose that acts as fuel for your body. As you work out, this fuel is “burned” to produce energy while also aiding your body to metabolise fats and protein.

The unique formula that is 100PLUS EDGE combines fluids, carbohydrates, electrolytes for the quick and efficient absorption of fluids into your body, ensuring that your body is properly hydrated. It also promotes the retention of fluid in the body and is an immediate source of energy, allowing you to endure longer and perform better.

According to Jenny Wong, Assistant General Manager, Marketing at F&N Beverages, 100PLUS EDGE is perfectly suited to individuals who need to fuel their active sporting lifestyle while preferring a non-carbonated option.

“As a market leader that is closely linked with many of the sports associations in Malaysia, we have developed in depth knowledge on the hydration and energy requirements of certain individuals especially sports enthusiasts. 100PLUS EGDE is formulated with them in mind,” Wong said.

100PLUS EDGE is caffeine-free and certified Halal. This non-carbonated isotonic is available in 500ml PET bottles, which makes it the convenient choice for those who need a recharge during and in-between sports.  Lookout for 100PLUS EDGE at your nearest sports centres such as futsal arenas and badminton centres around Peninsular Malaysia or at Petronas, Shell, Petron (formerly known as Esso Mobil), Caltex, BH Petrol, 7-Eleven and MyNews.com, as well as selected Watson and Guardian stores. Grab a bottle today and get the winning edge! 

100PLUS is Malaysia's No. 1 isotonic beverage and rehydrates over one million Malaysians daily. It is specially formulated to refresh, rehydrate and re-energise the body by replenishing body fluids, energy, and electrolytes lost during the course of our active lifestyle. 100PLUS has been developed from a proven isotonic formula with an optimal combination of thirst-busting and energy-replacing ingredients. 100PLUS is the only sports drinks in Malaysia to be recommended by the National Sports Council (NSC). For more information, please log on to 100PLUS.com.my

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