F&N IT Corner Equips Monfort Students With ICDL Certification
Posted on 07 January 2013
SHAH ALAM – In today’s technologically savvy society, there is no denying that computer literacy and competency are essentials skills that employers demand when screening through potential candidates.

With that in mind, F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd initiated the F&N IT Corner programme in 2010 to level the playing field for underprivileged youth in the working world.

In line with the F&N Malaysia’s corporate sustainability programs in support of educational excellence, F&N IT Corner aims not only to provide computers to the students whose lives it touches but also to ensure that each an every one of them are equipped with the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) certification.

Monfort students equipped with ICDL certification
The ICDL provides the students with marketable computer and information communication technology (ICT) skills.

The first F&N IT Corner was set up at Montfort Boys Town, followed by Montfort Youth Centre in Malacca in 2012, and the third centre in Montfort Girls Centre in October 2012.

F&N has invested RM175,000 in F&N IT Corner to date to equip the centres with the necessary computer equipment, printers, projectors, internet access, as well as funding to conduct the ICDL program.

Speaking at a ceremony to acknowledge the 45 students from Montfort Boys Town and Montfort Girls Centre who most recently completed the ICDL course, F&N Beverages Corporate Affairs Manager Cariessa Goh said that the company plans to keep up its efforts so that new students will also benefit from the centre and the ICDL program. To date, 75 Montfort students have completed the ICDL course.

“This has been a fruitful investment for F&N as we are able to help these students gain a firmer footing in the workforce and hopefully set the pace for better things ahead.”

The ICDL programme consists of seven modules which develops the individual’s proficiency in the use of a computer and common applications such as understanding of basic ICT concepts, using the computer and managing files, word processing, using spreadsheets and databases, presentation as well as information and communication. The students are required to pass minimum four modules that test their computing knowledge and skills after six to eight months training.

F&N Malaysia’s educational initiatives for underprivileged children across Malaysia besides the F&N IT Corner include the F&N Sensory Integration Room in schools to cater to special needs students and F&N Sudut Iqra to encourage reading and building confidence amongst schoolchildren.

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