Deepavali Shopping Treat for Kids from Rumah Kanak-kanak Impian
Posted on 12 November 2012
Kuala Lumpur - Few people get to experience a departmental store opening its doors just for them while they had the run of the store to shop; this was exactly what the children from Rumah Kanak-kanak Impian got to do as they were treated to a day of shopping in preparation for the upcoming Deepavali festivities.

Walking through the empty corridors of Mid Valley Megamall at 9am, not a single store was opened for business yet. But as the children made their way up, the doors of Metrojaya were open to welcome them for a personal shopping experience, thanks to F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn. Bhd. with the support of Metrojaya Mid Valley.

The excursion was aimed at giving the kids a chance to shop for Deepavali, like most other Hindu kids would be able to do and to show them that there are reasons in life to celebrate.

Armed with a budget of RM200 each, everyone was excited to get started on their shopping. F&N and Metrojaya staff assisted to give the children a more satisfying and memorable shopping experience, with each child paired with at least one ‘mak’ or ‘pak’ of the day.

After a short briefing by Cariessa Goh, F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn. Bhd. Corporate Affairs Manager, the kids marched on hand in hand with their ‘pak’ or ‘mak’ and headed for the clothing’s section, each determined to get something new for the holidays.

Interestingly, the children were practical in their selection opting for clothing items such as t-shirts, jeans and shoes. For example, 13 year old Punithavalli Sivalingam chose to go with the flow and follow what her friends selected. When explaining her choice of t-shirts, she said, “I actually like green, but I decided to go with purple because that’s the colour they like, so that we can share the clothes with each other.”

Rubitha Tony Curtis, 14, managed to get some t-shirts, blouses and a pair of jeans, but she showed her off the doting big sister in her when she bought a few clothing items for her baby brother Paul, whose birthday falls near Deepavali.

However, not all the children could resist the temptation of toys; Thiviya Munawaran, 11, was clear from the start that she would get one toy, namely a Barbie doll. Likewise, boys being boys, brothers Thanush and Vaymal Vijayakumar, aged 7 and 6, could not resist the allure of a battery-operated Ferrari car.

According to Goh, the Deepavali program was among the various activities carried out throughout the year to reach out to underprivileged children especially during the festive seasons. “With the celebrations just around the corner, we wanted to brighten the lives of the children,” adds Goh.

The fun did not end with the shopping. Once that was done, the children had face-painting activities and games with prizes for both adults and children, followed by a hearty lunch.

F&N, the leading soft drinks manufacturer in Malaysia, organizes various on community initiatives as part of their educational programs for underprivileged children across Malaysia. These include the setting up of the F&N IT Corner at Montfort centres, the F&N Sensory Integration Room in schools to cater to special needs students and F&N Sudut Iqra to encourage reading amongst schoolchildren.

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