F&N Expands Recycling Campaign to 161 Schools on Penang Island
Posted on 14 June 2012
First “Kempen Kitar Semula F&N Beverages & MPPP 2012” launched 

Pulau Pinang – F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd has teamed up with Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP) for its first “Kempen Kitar Semula F&N Beverages & MPPP 2012” which will see 161 schools from two districts on Penang Island competing for a share of the RM14,800 prize in this three-month long campaign.

As part of F&N Beverages’ efforts to do its bit for the environment while educating schoolchildren on the importance of recycling towards reducing the amount of waste Malaysians generate, this campaign gives F&N the avenue to expand its efforts in this area following the successful “Kempen Kitar Semula F&N Beverages & MBSA” held in Shah Alam, Selangor, which is currently in its sixth year.

111 schools, which fall under the jurisdiction of the Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Timur Laut, and 50 more under the Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Barat Daya have been invited to take part, making this the largest schools recycling campaign F&N Beverages has undertaken to date. F&N Beverages has undertaken to date with over 50 schools registering their participation to date. That number is expected to rise in the weeks ahead.

The campaign is divided into two categories - primary and secondary schools - and requires schools to collect items like aluminium cans, plastic bottles and papers for recycling. The school with the highest collection per head/student stands to win the first prize of RM1,300. First runner up takes home RM1,100 while the second runner up walks away with RM900. Prizes are also handed out to fourth to tenth places from RM800, RM700, RM600, RM500, RM400, RM300, and RM200 respectively. The prizes are identical in both the primary and secondary schools category.

But that’s not all. Two special awards are handed out to recognize the highest amount of aluminium and the highest amount of plastic collected. The winner for each award will scoop up RM600.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign, Cariessa Goh, Corporate Affairs Manager at F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd said that F&N Beverages is proud to be given the opportunity to work collectively with MPPP whose greening efforts throughout the state was highly regarded.

“MPPP’s active participation and constant engagement have resulted in the numerous ideas and ways to further enhance this campaign. These are essential towards the success and sustainability of the campaign while crystallising our vision in order to replicate this success in years to come,” Goh said.

“F&N Beverages is confident that our experience in organising a similar campaign for the past six years, coupled with MPPP’s immense knowledge on environmental preservation and recycling, will make this campaign a huge success. We look forward to more similar campaigns to educate and nurture the next generation, especially here in Penang, to equip them with the knowledge and mindset towards a better earth and a better future.”

“Kempen Kitar Semula F&N Beverages & MPPP 2012” also focuses on teaching the schoolchildren the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle but with a twist. As proposed by MPPP, besides the conventional 3Rs, the campaign introduces a fourth “R” – Rethink.

“Simply put, we need to rethink the way we use up earth’s resources, rethink our actions and consider their impact on the environment as well as the communities around us. We need to change the way we think to minimise the negative and bring about the positive, to be innovative in our efforts especially with recycling in mind,” Goh explained.

Besides MPPP, F&N Beverages will also work closely with Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Pulau Pinang to ensure the campaign is carried out successfully.

“Kempen Kitar Semula F&N Beverages & MPPP 2012” runs from June 1, 2012 till August 31, 2012. The winning schools will be crowned at a prize giving ceremony scheduled for September 2012.

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