Onus on lower Rung Teams to Improve in MELC 2012
Posted on 22 April 2012
KUALA LUMPUR (22 April 2012) – As defending champions SMK Bukit Nenas of Terengganu grabbed the lead in Group A of the Minister of Education League Cup 2012 this week, the onus is now on teams in the lower rung to provide more than just a token challenge as the league progresses.

SSM Bukit Jalil snapped a three-game losing streak to pick up their first point of the season when they held SMK Tunku Anum of Kedah to a scoreless draw as they remain rooted at the bottom of Group B.

“The problem is that we are playing against teams who are two years older than us. Since we are the national sports school, the policy is that we have to use players who are much younger, so for the Under-14 league, we are utilizing mostly U12 while for the U17 league (participated by SMK Tengku Mahkota Ismail), we are using 15-year-olds or less,” Haris Lajid, the coach for SSBJ.

“But we are looking at this ‘handicap’ for the bigger picture. We are looking at future successes not just in the MELC. But I must admit that we can be better. We are capable of being better.”

“I don’t want to push the boys too much at this point as afterall, most of them have just got into Secondary school. They have good physical size but we will need to build on their strength.”

SSM Bukit Jalil began their season with a 2-1 loss to SMK Seri Kota of Melaka before conceding a 3-1 defeat to SMK Mutiara Impian of Penang. And the previous week, they went down 2-0 to SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin of Sabah.

On the other hand, SMK Bukit Nenas of Terengganu made sure of their place at the top of Group A with a 2-1 win over SMK Syed Hassan of Perlis. Muzamir Zaid grabbed a brace for SMK Bukit Nenas with goals in the 33rd and 69th minute as SMK Syed Hassan replied through Mohammad Nafis Roshid in the 53rd minute.

After three matches in the group, SMK Bukit Nenas have picked up the full nine points.

Over in Group B, SMK Mutiara Impian continue to blaze through when they came back to beat SMK Sri Kota of Melaka 2-1 – with both goals from Muhamaad Faiza Halim (21st and 68th minute) to erase SMK Sri Kota’s earlier lead from Qautsar Muhammad Noor Zain in the 12th minute.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Education with the support of main sponsor 100PLUS launched the Minister of Education League-100PLUS 2012 quiz for schools this week in a bid to get school children to be more involve in the football league organized by the Ministry.

The quiz is opened to all secondary schools and private secondary schools registered under the Ministry.

“The league should be given the chance to grow in other areas as well, thus having a quiz will get more students interested and involved in this programme,” said Puan Ee Hong (right of pix), the Director for Sports Division, Ministry of Education.

“I would just like to thank 100PLUS for once again coming forward to assist us with this programme.  I hope that students will take this opportunity to get to know more and follow the progress of the league.”

Added Cariessa Goh, the Corporate Affairs manager with F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd: “we are always keen to get involved in programmes that can contribute to youth development. We see this quiz as a way forward for the youth football league which has been growing steadily over the years.”

Participation in the quiz is totally through the Football Club of the respective schools where participants are required to answer four questions at the end of each month and also come up with a suitable catch phrase to complete the slogan.

Only one winner will be selected at the end of each month where they stand to win one (1) set of jerseys which consist of 16 outfield player jerseys and two sets for goalkeepers, five(5) official competition balls and 30 cartons of 100PLUS (325ml).

To take part in the Minister of Education League-100PLUS 2012 quiz, participants will have to access the league’s official website at http://www.moe.gov.my/ligakpm/

The MELC and 100PLUS Super Cup are among several youth programmes and competitions supported by 100PLUS, Malaysia’s leading isotonic beverage.

The others include the 100PLUS Malaysian Junior Golf Open and the 100PLUS National Junior Badminton Circuit. 100PLUS is recommended by the National Sports Council.
UNDER-14 - SMK Titiwangsa (KUALA LUMPUR) bt SMK Tabuan Jaya (SARAWAK 1-0; SMK Seksyen 11 (SELANGOR) bt SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin (SABAH) 2-1; SMK Bukit Nenas (TERENGGANU) bt SMK Syed Hassan (PERLIS) 2-1; SMK Tun Hussein Onn (JOHOR) bt SMK Seberang Temerloh (PAHANG) 2-1; SMK Seri Kota (MELAKA) lost to SMK Mutiara Impian (PENANG) 1-2; SSM Bukit Jalil drew with SMK Tunku Anum (KEDAH) 0-0; SMK Za’ba (NEGERI SEMBILAN) drew with SMK Putera (KELANTAN) 0-0.
UNDER-17 – SMK Titiwangsa (KUALA LUMPUR) bt SMK Tabuan Jaya (SARAWAK 5-0; SMK Seksyen 11 (SELANGOR) bt SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin (SABAH) 6-0; SMK Bukit Nenas (TERENGGANU) lost to SMK Syed Hassan (PERLIS) 0-1; SMK Tun Hussein Onn (JOHOR) lost to SMK Seberang Temerloh (PAHANG) 1-3; SMK Seri Kota (MELAKA) lost to SMK Mutiara Impian (PENANG) 2-3; SSM Tengku Mahkota Ismail lost to SMK Tunku Anum (KEDAH) 1-3; SMK Za’ba (NEGERI SEMBILAN) bt SMK Putera (KELANTAN) 3-2.

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