Unleash the Power to Do More!
Posted on 19 November 2015

New RANGER energy drink from F&N redefines the essence of strength & focus

In life, there are many things we want to achieve for the greater good, but we often find ourselves restricted by a lack of energy. RANGER, an all-new energy drink and the latest beverage from F&N, helps you break down all these invisible ‘walls’, giving you that extra boost when you need to keep yourself going and do more.

RANGER has all the right ingredients to give you the extra burst of energy to push you to do more bigger and better. In addition, RANGER also helps to improve your mental alertness and also metabolism to be more productive. It is best consumed while you’re working, studying or even driving on road to keep you energized physically and alert in whatever you do.

Emblazoned with its signature tiger image, the sleek 250 ml RANGER can stand out from the rest of the beverages in the market. The tiger icon also symbolises the physical strength and heroism in every man.

With its perfect blend of Taurine and Caffeine, it helps you to stay focused to get through life’s challenges and face them head-on. Packed with nutrients such as Vitamin B3 and B6 that helps the release of energy in your body. RANGER is also the only energy drink in the Malaysian market that is added with Vitamin C.

Now, with the addition of RANGER to F&N’s repertoire of beverages, the company aims to provide Malaysians with a boost of the consumers’ energy to do more bigger and better.

“For many of us who aim to go the extra mile and achieve more in life, we require both mental and physical strength – which also means we need more energy. When you lack physical energy, you may face difficulties in carrying out your tasks. This is where RANGER comes in with the physical strength and mental alertness to give Malaysians a well-needed extra ‘boost’, propelling them further to put what they set in their hearts in motion,” says Jenny Wong, Head of Brand Marketing, F&N Services Sdn Bhd.

When you’re feeling tired, have a RANGER for a physical and mental boost. Do the things that matter to you with the energy Ranger provides so that you can bring out the hero within. RANGER energy drinks are now available throughout Malaysia. For more information on how to unleash your power to do more, follow RANGER Malaysia’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rangermalaysia/.

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