Posted on 24 July 2015

EST Cola, F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd’s latest cola drink hit the roads to join thousands of Hari Raya revelers on their ‘balik kampung’ journeys, refreshing over 100,000 travelers while spreading the message of safety during the huge nationwide celebration.
Organised in partnership with Touch 'n Go Sdn Bhd (TNGSB) and Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM), the ‘Refereshingly Safe Balik Kampung’ campaign kept drivers refreshed and alert on their ride home with 200,000 cans of EST Cola and 1,000 complimentary Touch ‘n Go cards distributed at 20 selected rest and relaxation areas (R&R) and toll booths throughout the country.
In a bid to remind drivers to check their vehicles before embarking on their ‘balik kampung’ trips, the campaign also included free 10-point vehicle checks by AAM at three selected locations including R&R Elmina (North), Gombak Toll Plaza and Loke Yew Toll Plaza. The checks covered tire pressure and wear, brake pads or fluid, as well as battery terminal connection and water. 
F&N Beverages’ Head of Brand Marketing, Ms Jenny Wong said that the Company was excited to launch the campaign during the nation’s largest movement of people to remind travelers to have a safe ‘balik kampung’ journey with its newest cola sensation, EST Cola.
“We’re happy to introduce EST Cola during the Hari Raya festivity and subsequently, do our bit to encourage Malaysians to make their ‘balik kampung’ journeys a safe one. With the support from our partners; TNGSB and AAM, we were able to reach out to thousands of Malaysian motorists to highlight the importance of vehicles checks and staying adequately rested and refreshed before embarking on their long journeys. Through our efforts, we hope Malaysians enjoyed a safe, meaningful and refreshing Hari Raya celebration this year,” said Ms Wong.
Crowds of travelers also joined in fun activities which were organised at selected R&Rs to spread the campaign’s message and promote the new beverage via exciting EST Cola freebies and a special introductory price of RM1 for one can of EST Cola 325ml.  
EST Cola is currently available in the market and is expected to be officially launched nationwide in the fourth quarter of 2015. For more information, please visit: www.fnbm.com.my  

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