F&N Beverages and MBSA expand recycling campaign to include Shah Alam residents
Posted on 06 March 2012
It’s back! The hugely successful “Kempen Kitar Semula F&N Beverages & MBSA” will once again run its three-month course from March 19 – 20 June, 2012 to clean up the streets of Shah Alam.

Jointly organised by F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd and the Shah Alam City Council (Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam or MBSA), the recycling campaign enters its sixth consecutive year.

While still targeting the various primary and secondary schools in Shah Alam, the campaign has been expanded to include the residents, specifically adults, in Shah Alam working through their respective Shah Alam Residents' Representative Councils (Majlis Perwakilan Penduduk - MPP).

F&N Beverages is confident that after five years of working with the schools in the area, the students are well aware of the change they can effect from inculcating the habit of recycling in their daily rituals.

“We felt it was time to expand the campaign to the adults, namely to the 24 Residents' Representative Councils or MPPs within Shah Alam. After five years of watching and assisting their children’s efforts, I am positive that these individuals are well prepared to rise to the occasion.”

“While the undeniable benefits of recycling to mother nature, to the nation and to each individual should be sufficient motivation for anyone to pick up this habit wholeheartedly, F&N has decided to sweeten the pot by increasing our total prize money contribution to the campaign to ensure the MPPs are further encouraged and ultimately, are rewarded for their efforts. And to ensure there is no inequity between the schools and the MPPs, the prize money awarded will be equal in structure to the secondary or primary schools prizes because each and every one of us are equally capable of carrying our weight in recyclables,” said F&N Beverages’ Managing Director, Khalid Alvi.

The MPP category follows a similar format to the two school categories (primary and secondary) that have been running over the last five years. Schools, and now MPPs are required to collect items like aluminum cans, plastic bottles and papers for recycling.

The school or MPP with the most (in terms of weight) recyclable items collected at the end of the campaign will each win the grand prize of RM1,500. The second prize is RM1,300 each while for third place it is RM1,200 each. Fourth and fifth places respectively earn RM1,100 and RM1,000 each for their efforts. Sixth to tenth placements will each receive a consolation prize of RM200.

The schools have two added special awards category whereby one school (primary or secondary) that accumulates the most aluminum or plastics, will earn RM600 for each category.

During the launch of the campaign, Alvi also pointed out the critical importance of practicing the three Rs – Reduce, Re-use and Recycle – in order to reduce the dependence on waste landfills.

“The amount of waste generated in Malaysia is growing at two per cent every year. At this rate, our landfills will be 80 per cent full within the next two years as we are generating waste a lot faster than the natural degradation process that take place at the landfills,” he said.

Currently, there are some 230 landfills in Malaysia. Experts believe a landfill can last 10 years longer if Malaysians recycled just 50 per cent of their garbage. In 2011, Malaysia generated in excess of 7.3 million tonnes of garbage with the average Malaysian household producing 1kg of waste daily.

The 2012 campaign was officially launched by the Deputy Mayor of Shah Alam, Tuan Mohtar Hani and Alvi. Guests include MPP representatives and Shah Alam District Education officials, schoolteachers and students.

“Kempen Kitar Semula F&N Beverages & MBSA 2012” will conclude with a prize giving ceremony in July.

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