Lads Get a Glimpse Into the Fight for Independence
Posted on 03 September 2014

F&N Beverages organises a special team building programme for 28 orphans at the Army Museum

A battlefield of cannons, tanks and fighter jets greeted 28 wide-eyed orphans from Rumah Kebajikan Anbu Illam and Shelter Home 3 as they set foot on the grounds of the Port Dickson Army Museum for the very first time.

The excursion was an extension of F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd’s ongoing educational and developmental programme to introduce a historical perspective of the nation’s journey to independence and imbue good citizenship and foster patriotism in children. Organised in collaboration with Leaderonomics Youth, the programme has benefited 875 underprivileged homes since 2000.

“History strengthens the national identity of young Malaysians. It helps them recognise the core of good citizenship and promote patriotism. Riding on that idea, we tailored our team building programme in view of the upcoming Merdeka celebration, to give the children a better understanding on prominent historical events through fun and engaging activities,” said Cariessa Goh, Corporate Affairs Manager, F&N Beverages."

To spice things up, the children were led on a tour through the museum in a simulated army style. Separated into four squads, the children were tasked to elect a Corporal as their group leader and report to an F&N staff member as their commanding Sergeant.

Each squad was given various missions to accomplish as they made their stops at each game station or section of the museum. Completing the missions proved to be a challenging task for the squads as it required teamwork, leadership and determination from all members.

The tour took the children on a discovery of the Malaccan Sultanate, Portuguese and Dutch era, the establishment of the Malayan Army and even through an underground tunnel portraying a typical communist hideaway which existed some 80 years ago.

“There is much that can be learnt from our nation’s history. Our forefathers faced numerous challenges in their unceasing fight for the country’s independence. Therefore it is important for the children to learn more about these national icons. In doing so, they would be able to emulate and uphold their commendable spirit and develop a deeper sense of pride for their country.”

“We hope that through this programme the children were able to pick up lessons on leadership skills and the ability to work closely as a team to solve problems. Most importantly, we hope to inspire the children to look beyond their limitations and never give up in their search for success, much like Malaysia’s independence fighters,” Cariessa said.

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