Meaningful Buka Puasa for 65 Special Kids
Posted on 05 July 2014

F&N Beverages treats special needs students of S.K. Taman Bukit Subang and S.K. U3 to a sumptuous buka puasa



Much is expected of students today. At school, a child wrestles between homework, examinations and extracurricular activities from the tender age of seven. For a special needs student, the pressure of school is substantially multiplied when considering the various learning disabilities he or she might face.

 Thankfully, special needs students of S.K. Taman Bukit Subang and S.K. U3 are getting the help they need through the F&N Sensory Integration Room program and have shown excellent progress in just a short period of two years since its establishment.

Taking it a step further, F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd hosted a sumptuous buka puasa feast to celebrate the achievements of 65 special needs children from both schools. The children wore anxious grins on their faces as the outing at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam was a first for many of them.

The students aged between seven and 14, were in for a bigger treat as each received new Hari Raya clothes complete with songkok and selendang as well as duit raya, in anticipation of the upcoming Aidilfitri festivity.

Taking on a greater meaning this year, the 11th ‘Majlis Berbuka Puasa Bersama F&N Beverages’ did not only give recognition to the students of the F&N Sensory Integration Room program but also to 27 educators and occupational therapists for their unceasing dedication.




“I am very pleased to announce that, after almost two years, the children who have enrolled in this program have shown positive progress. These 65 children are our pride and joy, and they are shining examples of the benefits special needs students can reap from the Sensory Integration Room. Thus, this ceremony is to celebrate them and the teachers, trainers and occupational therapists who have never given up in guiding the children,” said Cariessa Goh, Corporate Affairs Manager of F&N Beverages.

­The children eagerly marched on stage, some with their teachers in hand, to receive the gifts from Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd Chairman, Tengku Syed Badarudin Jamalullail. Taking turns, they greeted the F&N Chairman personally and hurried back to their seats excitedly to discover the gifts galore in each bag.

“I truly believe that the most important role we can play is to be a genuine source of support and encouragement to these children. Nothing means more to a child than to know that they are loved and certainly not forgotten. That is the core aim of our buka puasa outreach event each year and we hope to sustain this effort for many more years to come,” said Cariessa.

F&N Beverages opened its third F&N Sensory Integration Room at S.K. Taman Bukit Subang in 2012. The centre, which also takes in students of S.K. U3, is equipped with the latest apparatus and tools ideal for sensory integration therapy. Through the program, F&N organises relevant trainings for teachers and parents and conducts regular assessments with the help of occupational therapists to determine the progress of the children. To date, F&N Beverages has invested more than RM300,000 in the initiative.


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