OISHI, is Japanese for ‘Delicious’ is the green tea brand, now making its way to become the Malaysian favourite ready-to-drink green tea.   An exciting and refreshing green tea beverage, OISHI combines the health benefits of green tea with enticing flavours, tailored to today’s demand.

OISHI stands apart from its competitors as it is brewed from 100% organic tea leaves grown on certified organic plantations and uses only natural ingredients. Only the three youngest leaves at the tip are selected from each branch.   These young organic leaves are then, through advanced technology and the attentive care of an expert team, masterfully brewed according to OISHI’s signature recipes without the use of preservatives or artificial colouring and utilizing a refined manufacturing process. OISHI delivers the premium value in each bottle of its green tea.

Oishi Range in Malaysia :
  • OISHI Green Tea Original Flavour 
  • OISHI Green Tea Honey Lemon Flavour 
  • OISHI Black Tea Lemon Flavour
  • OISHI Lychee Green Tea