A Cooler is a refrigeration equipment that is used to chill products in large quantity. Visually attractive, FNBM coolers are the ideal place to display the vast array of FNBM drinks. Reliable and energy efficient, FNBM coolers need minimum maintenance. The large view-area allows clear view which encourages customer purchase at all times.





Step 1 - Market representative will review and check on the potential outlet.
Step 2 - If the required criteria of cooler are met, Market Representative will arrange a meeting with customer to sign on the cooler Equipment Loan Agreement.
Step 3 - Market Representative will raise the Installation Form (OMF) or eS&D to Sales Manager for approval.
Step 4 - Once approved, Installation Form will be send to Admin to create new outlet account and then send to Technical Service Department for cooler’s preparation.
Step 5 - Technical Service Department will prepare and arrange contractor to install the cooler.
Step 6 - Contractor to ensure that the outlet owner acknowledge on the receipt of cooler upon delivery.
Step 7 - Finally, Market Representative will check on the installed cooler at the outlet and ensure that drinks are ready for consumers to enjoy.


Key Consideration

  1. Is the top panel illuminated?
  2. Is the cooler clean and presentable?
  3. Is the light working well?
  4. Is the cooler cool enough to chill the products?
  5. Make sure there is a 6" to 7" space from the wall for ventilation.
  6. Make sure the refrigeration compartment is free from dust.
  7. Make sure the water is cleaned from the drip plan.
  8. Any breakdown or technical supports request will be attended within 48 hours and the cost will be borne by F&N.