F&N SEASONS Nutrisoy

The ever-popular F&N SEASONS Soya Bean drink is now known as F&N SEASONS NutriSoy and is an improved formula packed with more soy goodness. It is made using whole soy beans in a proprietary manufacturing technique that reproduces the same freshness and authentic taste of homemade soya bean drink. 

Whether you are caring for your family or looking for hearty enjoyment, F&N SEASONS NutriSoy is a great choice every day. With soy protein that helps lower cholesterol, F&N SEASONS NutriSoy assists you maintaining a more wholesome lifestyle. F&N SEASONS NutriSoy does not contain preservatives and it is a lactose free food and low in fat soya drink.

Drink F&N SEASONS NutriSoy every day. It’s rich with natural soya taste and full of goodness for you and your heart.




  • Soya Bean Milk Regular
  • Soya Bean Lite




Refresh your day the natural way with F&N SEASONS tea range! It is packed with fruity zest and it is brewed from natural tea extracts. Tea is rich in antioxidant. F&N SEASONS’ tea doesn’t contain any artificial colouring or added preservatives.

F&N SEASONS also carries a range of Asian Soft Drinks which are non-carbonated with no added preservatives. The Chrysanthemum and Grass Jelly provides a healthier refreshment with its “Less Sweet” properties. Drinking herbal drinks would be a good choice to complement our foods during mealtimes. Conveniently found in various retail or food outlets around Malaysia F&N SEASONS Asian Soft Drinks enables “Healthy Living Made Easy” with its best quality and healthy drinks.  



  • Ice Lemon Tea
  • Ice Peach Tea
  • Ice Apple Tea
  • Ice Passion Green Tea
  • Ice Lemon Green Tea
  • Ice Jasmine Green Tea
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Grass Jelly
  • Winter Melon
  • Water Chestnut