100PLUS the No. 1 isotonic drink in Malaysia which helps to rehydrate, refresh and reenergise to keep you moving in your active lifestyle. 100PLUS has been clinically proven to provide 43% more endurance than water alone by containing the optimum balance of thirst-bursting and energy replacing ingredients to peak your performance.



F&N Fun Flavors

F&N Fun Flavours brings you a Fresh and New experience of fun, check out our brand new look while you continue to enjoy the wide range of bold and intense flavours and satisfy your taste buds with our great flavours today. Spread Cheer, Fresh and New!!!




F&N SEASONS carries a range of Asian Soft Drinks which are non-carbonated with no added preservatives. F&N SEASONS Soya Bean Milk is full of nourishment while Chrysanthemum, Grass Jelly and the Teas are great tasting and refreshing.



F&N Fruit Tree

The uplifting taste of real fruit juice, enhanced with antioxidant vitamins, leaves you feeling and looking great! F&N Fruit Tree is the only bottled juice range with five delicious fruity flavours. Try all five, for the perfect way to enjoy goodness each day, from F&N Fruit Tree.




OISHI, is Japanese for ‘Delicious’ is the green tea brand, now making its way to become the Malaysian favourite ready-to-drink green tea. An exciting and refreshing green tea beverage, OISHI combines the health benefits of green tea with enticing flavours, tailored to today’s demand.  




For anyone who believes in keeping their body healthy and in balance, F&N ICE MOUNTAIN is a natural sourced mineral water that refreshes & hydrates you with the quality & purity of natural mineral water as nature intended. You can rely and trust F&N ICE MOUNTAIN to provide you the nature’s way of restoring balance & refreshment for your essential daily hydration.